Manpower Agency Accounting and Human Resource Management Software


that simplifies running your business

Smart Alerts !

Passports Expiring Soon


Invoices Waiting To Be Prepared


Due for Work Permit Renewals


Employees Approaching Vacations


Medical Insurance Due For Renewal


interactive dashboard

Everything you need know about your business at one place. Be it outstanding invoices salaries payable, your supplier dues, invoice trends or business critical alerts, Manpower Plus brings everything into your dashboard. Its your smart personal assistant!

Employee Management

Your employees are your biggest assets, and Manpower Plus realizes this. We have plethora of features makes managing employees and their records easier.

  • Internal. Own. Contractor. Freelancers. Employees comes in many hues and all types are supported.
  • Document Repository. All Employee Documents At One Place
  • Quickly Forward Employee Documents To Clients and Prospects
  • Standby List and Skill wise Snapshots
  • Skill wise Employee reports. Multi Skill Support.
  • Pay Monthly Salary or Hourly Rate.
  • Outstanding Salary reports. Salary Payment History.
  • Vacation Entries
  • Work History

    At the heart of the Manpower Plus is a simple yet surprisingly powerful time sheet.

  • Simple, spreadsheet like interface.
  • Auto-fills employees based on work assignments
  • Regular and Overtime calculations
  • Loss of Pay,Half Days,Paid Leaves,Medical Leaves support
  • Leave Penalties, multiple day deductions, overtime deductions
  • Role based time sheet approvals and locking
  • Download in Microsoft Excel Format
  • Store original time sheet copies received from the clients for later references.

    Manpower Plus comes with a powerful payroll software built in.

  • Automatic salary generation
  • Regular and Overtime calculations
  • Support for Allowances (Food/Travel etc)
  • Support for Deductions
  • Support for Bonus payment based on regular/ overtime hours
  • Salary advances
  • Salary Paid/Pending reports
  • Printable salary sheet for each employee
  • Download salary statement that can optionally include time sheet entries

    Manpower Plus goes to great length to make sure all your client related business information is easy to manage and quickly accessible. The important features include

  • Support for Skill Wise Hourly Rates.
  • Overtime Rates.
  • Client wise Time sheet. Invoices. Salary Details.
  • Received And Pending Amount Tracking
  • Client Wise Employee Details
  • Invoices

    With Manpower Plus, generating Invoices is a breeze in fact it get generated automatically!

  • Automatic Invoice Generation based on time sheet
  • Download in detailed and summary formats
  • capture and track payments against invoices
  • Suppliers & Subcontractors

    With Manpower Plus, managing your business relationship with your suppliers/ subcontractors is whole lot easier. checkout what we provide.

  • Automatic Time sheet Generation for suppliers.
  • Download time sheet in Microsoft Excel Format
  • Calculating and Tracking Suppliers Invoice Payments
  • Supplier wise Employees List
  • Manpower Accounting Software

    Manpower plus comes bundled with simple yet powerful accounting module. The software automatically generate accounting entries for all the system transactions like, Account Receivables, Account payable, Salary etc, at the time of generating invoices, paying salaries, making payment to suppliers etc.

  • Automatic Accounting for system transactions.
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Quick Assets View : Cash + Cash In Bank + Outstanding
  • Track Operation Expenditures and Other Revenues.
  • Account Third Party Borrowings And Payments
  • Ever green

    Always self updating. Never worry about running on older or outdated versions.

    On the go

    Be it your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Works everywhere.

    On Premise

    Option for on-premise installation for restricted access.